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Advocacy & Policy

What are not-for-profit hospitals? Why do we need them? What benefits do they provide? Who controls them? What are the differences between for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals?

HAT is dedicated to educating the public on these essential topics. Meeting regularly with elected officials, community leaders, and media representatives and seeking public forums, HAT provides a clear understanding of what not-for-profit hospitals do and why they are a unique and vital resource. HAT also gives members tools to build local support within their communities.

In addition, HAT surveys its members to determine our positions and priority issues for the upcoming legislative session. Through this forum of member-driven input, HAT develops its legislative agenda to address the vital interests of our members on legislation that impacts not-for-profit hospitals.

Through communications such as legislative alerts, bulletins, HAT staff provides members with timely news, decisions and pending actions from across the state and nation. This is crucial as members continue to compete with investor-owned organizations in an ever-changing health care marketplace. HAT also alerts members to critical legislative activity and acts as a united voice for not-for-profit hospitals to members of the Tennessee General Assembly.

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