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HAT is a champion for Tennessee's not-for-profit hospitals.

  • Established in 1982, HAT has always maintained its focus as an advocacy organization for not-forprofit community hospitals to successfully influence legislation that impacts our members.
  • HAT's membership represents hospitals from across the state, ranging from small rural hospitals to major teaching and research facilities. Membership is open to Tennessee hospitals that are organized as a 501C (3) or are government-owned.
  • As one of the few national authorities on not-for-profit hospital issues, HAT is in daily contact with other state organizations, hospitals, lawmakers and concerned citizens to share ideas and information.
  • HAT acts as a united voice for Tennessee's not-for-profit hospitals.

HAT has a focused agenda and achieves success by selectively deploying resources on targeted issues.

  • Through HAT's annual legislative survey, members establish a legislative agenda based on the issues of importance to not-for-profit hospitals.
  • HAT alerts members to critical legislative activity through weekly updates during the legislative session and by timely electronic correspondence and newsletters throughout the year.
  • HAT acts on behalf of our members to address regulatory issues that impact not-for-profit hospitals.

HAT provides professional, effective lobbying at all levels of government.

  • Through our strong presence on Tennessee's Capitol Hill, HAT advances sound public policy and promotes the importance and value of not-for-profit hospitals.
  • HAT interacts on an ongoing basis with representatives from both the executive and legislative branches of government.
  • HAT provides testimony at hearings on issues and/or legislation that impact our members.

HAT provides education, government and public relations tools our members can use to support their local hospitals.

  • As the advocate for not-for-profit hospitals, HAT serves as a spokesperson to address health care issues for both the news media and in forums such as community meetings.
  • HAT serves as a clearinghouse of information and shares timely news about our members and issues of interest to not-for-profit hospitals.
  • Through our annual Community Benefit Report, HAT measures and conveys the value of the community benefits activities our members provide in their communities.
  • HAT's reputation as a leader in the not-for-profit hospital industry gives our members access to experts and resources that are invaluable on the local level.

HAT membership gives you connections.

  • HAT provides peer-to-peer networking opportunities for not-for-profit hospital executives.
  • HAT's interaction with legislators and other government officials helps facilitate relations between our members and those that direct health care policy.

HAT operates efficiently and effectively and provides good value for our members' investment.

  • HAT's dues are affordable and are applied directly to legislative activities critical to the interests of our members.
  • HAT's staff members are highly capable professionals who are accessible and responsive to our members' needs.
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